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Katrina Crowe wrote on Facebook 17/9/21

I highly recommend lessons with Alan, I passed first time! Will miss all the good laughs and chats.

Lara Allen wrote on Facebook 17/9/21

So recommend Grange driving school, they are kind, patient and help learners build confidence and feel at ease when learning to drive.

Claire Paterson wrote on Facebook 16/8/21

Excellent driving instructor!…Thankyou for all the support and encouragement!…friendly,chatty and professional…very patient and put me at ease when driving!…would recommend to anyone!Thanks Alan!😊

Rachel Warden wrote on Facebook 16/12/20

Thank you very much for all your encouragement, for building my confidence and helping me pass my test first time. I would highly recommend Alan for lessons, he is very calm, clear and straightforward.

Ellie Sullivan wrote on Facebook 8/12/20

Thank you very much for all you support and encouragement for getting me through my test first time in just a few months! I would highly recommend Alan for lessons, he is so patient and explains everything so clearly. Thank you again for all your help!

Francesca Forbes wrote on Facebook 26/11/20

Alan is a great driving instructor, really supportive and makes things easy to understand! thanks for all your help

Dan Berry wrote on Facebook 6/11/20

Very good service extremely happy with my results after learning hereπŸ‘

Josh Marlow wrote on Facebook 21/10/20

Amazing driving instructor. Passed first time with Alan after never driving before! One minor shows how good an instructor he is! Would highly recommend!

lewis Kelly wrote on Facebook  8/10/20

Brilliant instructor, very patient and calm. Would 100% recommend.

Cara McAteer wrote on Facebook 28/9/20

Alan was a great instructor who built my confidence while being very relaxed. I would definitely recommend him. 😁

Abbey Ramsey wrote on Facebook 15/9/20

would definitely recommend Alan, he is so patient and calm. Exactly what you want from a driving instructor!😊

Annie Brennan wrote on Facebook 22/01/20

Recently passed my driving test with Alan, I couldn’t recommend him enough! He was so patient, friendly and helped my confidence grow (as I was incredibly nervous at the beginning)! He’s extremely reliable, flexible, and made my lessons enjoyable! Thanks again Alan! πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—

Peter Jackson wrote 20/12/19

I couldn't recommend Alan highly enough. He's very patient, a great teacher and all round round nice guy. Very much enjoyed learning with Alan and would recommend him to anybody looking for a instructor

Sam Cullen wrote on Facebook 

Just passed today first time and can’t thank Alan enough for teaching me so patiently, I could not recommend anyone highly enough, great laugh, great teacher, great experience!
Thank you again πŸ˜ƒ

Ryan Beesla wrote 27/11/19

I passed first time with Grange driving school, and highly recommend any new drivers to choose it. Great instructor and would rate it 5 stars. πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

Amy Hand Wrote on Facebook 15/11/19

Just passed my test today and can’t thank Alan enough, very patient and supportive instructor!! thank you so much

Kieran Allerdyce  Wrote on Facebook 22/10/19

Can't recommend Alan enough, got me through learning to drive quickly and helped make me feel confident in the car. Overall helping me to pass my test first time with only a few minor faults!

Phil Brennan Wrote in Facebook 17/10/19

Really good driving instructor. Very calm while teaching and goes through everything you need to pass your test.

Mya Partridge wrote on Facebook 12/09/19

Would highly recommend Alan, brilliant instructor who helped me pass my test this morning- couldn’t be happier!

Leigh Thors wrote on Facebook 7/07/19

Highly recommended Alan, he is patient and calm, lets you go at your own pace. I passed first time with him. Thanks again Alan.

Klaudia Szafran wrote on Facebook 22/07/19

Alan’s the most supportive and patient instructor with great ways of teaching! Always makes you feel at ease as well. Couldn’t recommend him enough! Thank you for helping me pass my test πŸš—

Nicola Webb wrote on Facebook 18/07/19

I would highly recommend Alan as a driving instructor to anyone who is looking to learn with someone who will make you feel comfortable, allow you to go at your own pace, explain everything in a way in which you will understand and is open to adapt to suit your style of learning.

A genuinely nice guy who was a pleasure to learn with (after having been with 2 other driving instructors previously). Thanks very much Alan.

(I passed my driving test first time in March 2019 with 1 minor).

Sarah Mullan wrote on Facebook 25/06/19

Thank you so much for everything! You were so patient with me.

Could not recommend Alan enough. He creates a calm and relaxing learning environment which puts you at ease. He doesn't rush you into something you're not ready to do, and has the patience of a Saint! Thank you again!

Stevie McKinnon wrote on Facebook 24/05/19

fantastic driving instructor. So patient and helped me pass my test when I never thought I would. would highly recommend to everyone!!!!!

Sean Parry Wrote on Facebook 2/05/19

Highly recommend. Having taken me from never driving a car through to a pass on my test. Great teaching methods, patience and understanding of the driving ability I was at each lesson.

Robyn Connor wrote on Facebook 26/04/19

 Alan is very patient, always makes you feel as ease always pushed me to do my best nd got me over the final hurdle of passing! 100% reccommed for driving lessons.

Kevin Clark wrote on Facebook 21/03/19

Just passed my test and i can’t thank Allen enough for his patience on getting me through my lessons. Would definitely recommend!

Demmi Leigh Smith wrote on Facebook 28/02/19

Total beginner and decided to go with Allan at Grange, he got me passed within a couple of months, very patient with u and a great for company and a chat 😁

Ewa Szafran wrote on Facebook 10/1/19

Couldn’t recommend Alan enough! I have been doing lessons with another instructor before but I haven’t learned as much as I learned with Alan! He’s very patient and friendly. Thanks for believing in me and helping me pass my test!

Taylor Mitchell wrote on Facebook 21/12/18

Just passed my test and couldn't thank Alan any more for helping me pass it, he knows what he's talking about, He's honest, he helps a lot when you're nervous and above all he's a good laugh, i wouldn't have asked for another instructor

Matthew Brady wrote on Facebook 19/12/18

Recently passed my test and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Very patient and friendly and allowed me to develop at my own pace. I couldn’t recommend Alan more

Emily Allerdice wrote on Facebook 6/12/18

Massive help the past few months to help me feel confident with sitting my test. 100% recommend, couldn’t of passed without all Alan’s help, and him motivating me to get through it

Chris Burns wrote on Facebook 23/11/18

best driving school going Alan is the top man has loads of knowledge, experience and of course loads of patients can't thank him enough for all his help to get me finally on the open road 100% recommend to everyone and anyone.

Rory McArthy wrote on Facebook 23/10/18

Recently passed my test and couldn’t recommend Alan more. He was reassuring when starting and showed his experience and expertise throughout every lesson. Thank you Alan!

Ryan Mitchell wrote on Facebook 19/10/18

I have to say Alan thank you so much. I would never have passed without u. U made everything possible for me in the car and made me feel so comfortable. Still think u should wear a shirt n tie οΏ½οΏ½. Thank you again.

Emma Wylie wrote on Facebook 18/10/18

Couldn't recommend Alan enough! Passed first time yesterday after just under 4 months of lesson with no previous driving experience. Very patient, friendly and makes you feel at ease right away.

Mussa Chachia wrote on Facebook 4/10/18

Just passed with Alan cant recommend him enough. Let’s you work at your own speed and is very patient. Highly suggest doing lessons with him 

Ashley Louise wrote on Facebook 3/10/18

Just passed my test this morning with the help Alan, could not recommend a better instructor he’s so patient and helpful going above and beyond to help, thanks again Alan see you on the roads

Irhum Ali wrote 28/09/18

Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Alan was a pleasure to learn from; a very supportive, enthusiastic, patient and friendly instructor who always made me feel at ease and gave me the the confidence to develop new skills at a comfortable pace. Passed first time with only 30 lessons, would highly recommend Alan to anyone looking for an instructor... he is the BEST !!! 

Kayleigh Roddy wrote on Facebook 21/09/18

Massive thank you to the best instructor ever Alan Hay Grange Driving School. I would 100% recommend him to anyone Looking to do lessons... Xx

Paolo Crowe wrote 16/08/18

Just passed my test today and wouldn't have been possible without Alan, he is a fantastic teacher-explains everything very clearly and is very patient and supportive. Would definitely recommend anyone looking to pass their test to go with Alan!

Lyndsay Gallagher wrote 15/08/18

Alan is an amazing driving instructor. He has always been very patient, supportive, helpful and reliable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to start their lessons. You truly have the patience of a saint Alan thanks again for everything.

Shaima  Abdulkarim wrote on Facebook 2/08/18

I just passed my test today morning and I wouldn’t have managed to pass it without Alan. He is the best instructor I would have asked for. He is very patient and he wouldn’t ever give up on a student. I learned so much from him and passed my fears of driving a manual car. I would recommend anyone who previously drove or just want to start driving to go with him . You wouldn’t find anyone better than him 

Fiona Linton wrote on Facebook 27/07/18

Alan was a great instructor who was so patient and helpful while doing my lessons! He was very friendly and made the whole process really easy. I would definitely recommend!

Niamh Patterson wrote on Facebook 12/06/18

Alan is a brilliant instructor with incredible patience and very reliable, thanks so much for all of your help and advice to get me through my test, see you on the roads (but not the country ones because they’re still too scary)

Neil Herd wrote on Facebook 27/06/18

 Alan is a pleasure to learn from, so patient and friendly towards pupils and lets you develop at your own speed. Any friends or family asking me for recommendations for learning to drive in the future i will very quickly be passing on Alans number to them and sending them in his direction.

 Shaun Fuller wrote on Facebook 25/07/18

I recently passed my test, which was helped a lot by the knowledge, experience and expertise. i would highly recommend anyone looking to learn or know anyone who is looking to learn to speak to this company.

Katarzyna Sumara wrote on Facebook 2/06/18

Couldn’t have hoped for a better instructor. Patient and knowledgeable, not only will help you pass your test but will share his expertise to help you get your own car and drive it safely. Thank you Alan, I really enjoyed our lessons and I think you’re a great teacher. If someone asks me to recommend a driving school you’ll be passing on your number in a jiffy! See you on the roads!

Mairi Forsyth wrote on Facebook 12/04/18

Best driving instructor. Was so patient and calm. Passed with no faults all because of Alan

Laura Minto wrote on Facebook 14/03/18

Passed my test first time! Alan is a brilliant instructor been very supportive and thorough covering everything carefully. Would highly recommend!

Asha Ahmed wrote on Facebook 08/03/18

The best driving instructor in the world. Couldn’t have passed without Alan. So patient and kind. Still can’t believe it. Thank you for all your patience with me

Connor Reilly wrote on Facebook 13/03/18

Alan's a great instructor! great to learn from and full of patience ! highlight of the week was getting in the car and learning!! recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive quickly!! cheers Alan!! 

 Kelsey Moreton wrote on Facebook 1/02/18

Alan is a great instructor took his time and had patience of a saint he passed my partner his sister and me in the space of 2 years if anyone is looking for lessons message the grange great prices and great service can’t thank him enough

Katie Hardie wrote on Facebook 18/11/17

Alan's a great instructor, makes you feel calm and has a lot of patience, would highly recommend! I passed this morning, proper over the moon, thanks again Alan

Stacey Paterson wrote on Facebook 18/11/17

So today Alan got my thru my test  would defo recommend,great instructor,very patient,and a great guy to get along with makes u feel right at ease.would defo say if anyone is thinkin of starting lessons Alan is ur guy

Caitlin Cooper wrote on Facebook 20/10/17

Can’t thank Alan enough for getting me through my test! He keeps you calm throughout everything & I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor!

Fiona Souttar wrote on Facebook 21/09/17

Alan is a great instructor,very patient and reliable and I would highly recommend him, thanks again on my pass yesterday

Jack Doyle wrote on Facebook 12/01/18

Passed my test first time today would highly recommend thanks Alan

Scott Farmer wrote on Facebook 11/08/17

Alan is an amazing instructor. Teaches at a good pace and goes into depth! Would highly recommend Alan to anyone! Alan is patient and does not rush into things. Very good instructor for people wanting to start lessons!

Scott Forsyth wrote on Facebook 12/08/17

Alan is a top guy and makes you feel at ease. Very patient too.

Darius Smith wrote on Facebook 5/04/18

Would recommend Alan to anyone who is looking to start driving.

Ruth Walton wrote on Facebook 18/04/17

Alan is an amazing instructor! He is so patient and helpful, managed to pass first time couldn't recommend him enough

Lewis Mckenzie wrote on Facebook 28/07/17

Fantastic experience learning to drive with Alan. Passed 1st time!!! Big thanks!

Hannah Docherty wrote on Facebook 11/07/17

Alan is an absolutely amazing driving instructor. well recommended and he managed to help me pass first time couldn't be happier!!

Danuska Jankowski wrote on Facebook 17/07/17

Alan was a fab driving instructor. Really patient and always dead calm. Would highly recommend to everyone!

Abbie Isles wrote on Facebook 30/03/17

Brilliant instructor never let me doubt myself & gave me the confidence I needed. So easy to get along with Couldn't have passed my test without Alan

Lauryn Gulson wrote on Facebook 21/06/17

Alan is an amazing instructor. He's very patient and extremely helpful. He always made me feel comfortable driving and improved my confidence on the roads. I would 100% recommend to anybody looking to start lessons

Rhonda Forbes wrote on Facebook 27/03/17

Alan is an amazing instructor. I was so nervous about learning to drive and he manged to keep me calm and help me gain a lot of confidence in my ability to drive. Would highly recommend him

 Laura Mcphie wrote on Facebook 7/06/17

I would highly recommend grange driving school. Alan is an amazing driving instructor. Very patient and calm. Passed 1st time with only 2 minors.

Natasha Tee wrote on Facebook 10/05/17

Really friendly instructor and very helpful. Couldn't of done it without all your patience and guidance. Thank you so much

Kayleigh Papendorf wrote on Facebook 30/05/17

Alan hay- thank you so much wouldn't of passed without your support and guidance. Would highly recommend Alan to anyone looking to start driving lessons.

Craig Helm wrote on Facebook 21/01/17

Alan is a great driving instructor, he gave me confidence, kept me calm and give me great advice to get me through my theory via the app he provides and my test both first time! Would highly recommend.

Steven Breen wrote on Facebook 10/06/16

Alan was my 3rd driving instructor and by Far the best I wish I went with him from the start I think I would have passed alott quicker than I did he has got a really good way of explaining things that none of my other instructors had and I would defo recommend him

Amanda Mcintosh wrote on Facebook 16/02/17

Alan is a great instructor very patient and gave me confidence would highly recommend

Emma Peartrees wrote on Facebook 28/06/16

Alan was a great instructor for me, I was so nervous about learning to drive and he gave me the confidence, calmness and positivity i needed to pass my test first time. Would highly recommend.

Rab Low wrote on Facebook 24/02/17

My grandson Danny was wanting driving lessons for his 17th birthday and he has autism so we where worried about him taking driving lessons then we got in touch with Alan through my niece who is taking lessons from him and we had a chat Danny started his lessons with Alan and six month later he has passed his driving test and it was all down to Alan I would like to highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive great man really friendly and my family and Danny can't praise him enough so Alan many thanks again and keep up the great work, your a great instructor ... ps if you can get Fiona through her driving test you should be in the Guinness book of records lol hahaha ..

Kim Anderson wrote on Facebook 28/07/17

Alan is a great instructor, very patient and friendly. I would highly recommended him to anyone learning to drive.

Samantha Wilson wrote on Facebook 03/05/17

Great instructor, helped me pass my test quickly and taught me a lot!

Hazel Wilson wrote on Facebook 17/02/17

Alan is a great instructor. Lots of patience and gave me the encouragement to finally sit my test ! Thank you.

Eilidh Sutherland wrote on Facebook 05/07/17

Alan is a brilliant instructor, keeps you calm and so reassuring. He was brilliant at getting me through my theory and practical first time after only 5 months of lessons. Would highly recommend

William Deacon wrote on Facebook 29/03/17

 Great driving instructor passed first time with 3 months of lesson, Alan is very patient and easy to get along with and would recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Karlee Lumsden wrote Facebook 26/05/17

Have had 3 instructors and Alan's definitely my best, couldn't fault him in one way really patient.

Shayda Marshmallows wrote on Facebook 30/05/16

alan alan alan! my third and definitely my favorite driving instructor. very calm, fun and nice whilst

Chloe Lauder wrote on Facebook 26/05/17 

Alan is a great instructor! Knew how to put up with me even when I was a pain! Couldn't recommend him more